Great Steak House – Che Gaucho Restaurante en Oaxaca Mexico

I recently travel to Oxaca and visit this restaurant. It was great! The design of the building is inviting, the service is great they have a great variety of wines and the food is delicious. 
Thanks for writting your comments.The design that you liked was long planned from materials, ilumination and location of the dinning room, it was created to simulate a theater where diners are spectators and the vision is never interrupted, hence that if you look up you would see the wooden ceiling ana at the end of it the sky of Oaxaca and if you gaze down a little bit then you would see the terrace, where you can have a meal al fresco. Also it has a couzy atmosphere by the warmth of the materials and colors, we were looking for not having a sensation of confinement or pretentious.

As you also mentioned the wines. The variety of wines that we have is of four different nationalities basically, argentinean, mexican, spanish and chile. We handle approximately 100 different labels to have a wide range of strains and prices so that customers can enjoy their food with the wine of their choice. Thanks for writting and we´ll wellcome you next time.

Che Gaucho Restaurante en Oaxaca Mexico